Just 15 Seats?

Why are the Democrats so excited over 15 Seats?

Congressional Historical Numbers
Believe it or not, this has happened before! When you have a 2 term president, on the 6th year, congressional turnover is widely expected and anticipated! Just look at the link above and check out the actual numbers for yourself. The funny thing is that Democrats are celebrating picking up 15 seats. The problem is they SHOULD be picking up 30 – 40 seats historically. I believe this excitement over the 15 is faked in order to overshadow the impotence of the Democratic party at picking up new voters & pleasing the general public with their lack of policy. If this excitement isn’t faked then it has to be blatant stupidity of basic historical cycles. If the Dems don’t pick retake the majority, they are finished and they must leave and regroup under a new banner.


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