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Toss Up!

Election back to a Toss-up!

The above article takes you to one of many articles claiming that the Republicans are going to do a lot better than Dems thought! I KNEW it! In order to shield themselves from future defeat, many journalist are beginning to side with the “It’s back to a toss up” theory for good reason… the Dems are going to lose! What does this mean?

1. Journalist fear being BAD wrong. There is a certain amount of journalistic integrity that comes from accuracy in reporting. So the journalist are beginning to moderate their predictions.

2. Journalist fear mobilizing the complacent republicans with repetitive rhetoric about Dems winning the house & senate (speaker Pelosi?). The media is still left so they don’t want voter turnout for Republicans.

3. Dems are going to launch a full scale campaign in the next few weeks unlike we have ever seen. If you thought the political ads were bad so far, just wait! I fully expect to see more and more “Mike J Fox” type of ads out there where they show victims of circumstance and want to make you think they are victims of the republican party. Listen to Rush Talk about the Fox ad and the inaccuracies or you can read what he says here.

4. Republicans better ramp it up! So far, in my state the GOP effort to get their congressmen & women to the forefront have been horrible! A canidate is just like any other product, with out effective marketing, no one knows it is there!

5. VOTE! No matter what happens or who you think will win, VOTE! Also, if you are a conservative and necessarily like your conservative candidate, suck it up and vote anyway! “Why?” you ask. If the Democrat, whom you don’t agree on anything with, wins, will you be happy with what they try to put into place? Will you be happy with higher taxes, abortion, pulling out of Iraq, no plan against future terrorist attacks? Will you be happy with speaker Pelosi? Chair of the Ways and Means Committee Charlie Rangel? And that is just the start of it! You candidate isn’t perfect. Neither am I. Vote and then take action! Sign petitions, send letters and mobilize change! Don’t just sit on your duff! If you don’t like it, get MORE involved, not less! They are our voice, let them hear yours so they can represent!

I’m looking forward to what is going to happen this November. To think that historically, we usually lose 30 – 40 seats in a year like this and we are only losing 10ish! That is great, great news!!

We will see what happens.

Vote Early before someone else with your identity does! Si, Senor.


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Republicans staging a comeback?

October 24, 2006 — The latest polls show something very strange and quite encouraging is happening: The Republican base seems to be coming back home. This trend, only vaguely and dimly emerging from a variety of polls, suggests that a trend may be afoot that would deny the Democrats control of the House and the Senate.

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The truth is painful sometime.

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Michael J. Fox Is Not Infallible; He’s Just the Latest Victim Used by Dems

They bring forth people who they think are victims for the purposes of exploiting them, … That’s what the Democrats are doing, politicizing diseases and illnesses, damaging what has traditionally been a bipartisan effort at addressing and curing illnesses.

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