Bush’s Speech vs Left Media

Yesterday morning I was caught off guard when I was listening to the talk radio station and all of the sudden they cut into Bush! I got excited because I’m a nerd like that when it comes to politics.
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Click Here to Read the Full Transcript
Anyway, I listened to the full 1 & 1/2 hour press conference and was not impressed with the questions asked or the way the press conference was covered by the mainstream media. They just don’t seem to get it.

They claim Bush has changed his mind on Iraq because he isn’t using the words “Stay the Course.” This is not an issue of Iraq Policy but an issue of verbal warfare. The Democrats have altered the meaning of “Stay the Course” so much that the current connotation is no longer accurate in describing our Iraq policy. An idiot who heard what Bush & Tony Snow (press sec.) have said can figure this out. Now they are saying, finish the job no matter how long it takes by remaining flexible in tactics and staying the course strategically. Why is this so hard to understand?

I think it will always be this way until we have a Democrat as president. I can imagine the softball questions and comments and puff articles that will be written. I’m amazed that our media has become so one-sided. Don’t just take my word for it, check out this UCLA Study done in December of 2005 (a non-election year). The researchers on the project were also astounded at the bias they found in the study! Just imagine the bias now durring a political season!

Staying the Course,


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