This is it!

So today is the day, this is it, the one and only…

Today is the culmination of one of the most contested mid-term elections in history! However, voter turnout is expected to be low and the democrats are expected to win… mostly. But why the low turnout?

I’m astounded at the lack of true facts that this election is based on and the complete ignorance and disdain that voters are coming to the polls with. But even in the past, poeple cast their vote not knowing all the candidates involved or the issues on the ballet. In the past it was common to hear things like “Rock the Vote” or “Vote or Die” but this year, nothing. Why? Because if the vote was “rocked”, Dems would lose. This is basically a partisan election that is only for the Way Right or Way Left as many commentators say. I tend to agree. With so many Republicans upset at the administration because they soak in the mainstream media, many “average American republican” voters will not vote. They don’t want the democrat, but they aren’t presented with a better option. To them I say VOTE ANYWAY! It makes no since to not vote and allow someone with COMPLETELY opposing views run the show! If you are mad now, you are going to be FUMING tonight.

We’ll see what happens. Today is a big, big day.

I’m clearly being proved wrong here. Reporters are touting “record turnouts” right now! I’m amazed! Hopefully the GOP word got out! Keep praying!


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