Conservatives Need to Wake Up!!

Here’s the deal, the Dems won. Ok. So is this so bad? YES & NO!

YES, It’s bad IF:

  • IF democrats get the “pull” they need to remove our troops from Iraq, creating a safe haven for terrorist & Iran, & creating a defeat for America by giving up.
  • IF democrats begin to enact liberal/secular progressive legislation that attempts to change the moral fabric of our American society. They have long touted that you “can’t legislate morality”… we are about to find out that isn’t true!
  • IF democrats attempt to “raise” the taxes on the “rich” (if you make over $100,000 a year, congrats you are rich!) and remove tax credits.
  • IF democrats give Amnesty to Illegals
  • IF Republicans give into the thinking that “conservatism” lost because democrats are elected (we actually won if you look at the ballot measures such as Gay marriage, abortion, etc…).

NO, It’s not that Bad IF:

  • IF democrats can’t accomplish what they have just promised to all the American people (Ending the War on Terroism in Iraq & bringing the troops home), pissing off the ones who just elected them.
  • IF democrats Raise Minimum Wage, creating a huge loss of jobs for the uneducated & down trodden making the jobless rate skyrocket turning their own against them!
  • IF democrats begin to go so far left in the legislation that the JFK & Lieberman Democrats begin to hate their own party because they stand for nothing.
  • IF democrats think they actually one on their “stances” on issues! They will be blatant & so far left that no one will vote for them.
  • IF republicans get back to their principles & get in touch with conservatives and remember what we believe! Reformation is necessary!

We will see what happens, but already the great President Bush has angered me in his automatic agreement & compromise with Nancy & friends. This election was not a reformation on the War in Iraq or a reformation on the President. This was a reformation on Conservatives and Conservative Values! This was a clear message sent to them saying, “Come back or you’ve lost us.” This was NOT an election stating move to the middle or more left!!

The democrats did not win this election.  The Republicans lost it because pundits did not stand up for what they believed in. They did not pursue what they said they would do when they got elected. And to get elected only a few of them took absolute stances. They became corrupt & crooked & big spenders. We needed a cleansing and we got it! OK, now get a clear head, come back to Regan conservatism, remember what you believe in, come home, and FIGHT!

A few exceptions to mention: Senator Rick Santorum & Lt. Governor Michael Steele. These two men are outstanding men who know & stand up for what they believe in. They lost. These two were our best candidates in my opinion. I would vote for Pres & VP in a second! I’m having serious trouble understanding their defeat, but I know it is in God’s hands now. I just pray that they don’t leave politics. These guys were the good ones! In their place are clear losers! What have we come to?

Wake Up!!!

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