Video: Lou Dobbs salutes John Bolton

“You’ve done, by everyone’s account, a terrific job by representing the United States at the United Nations…”
“It is one of the toughest jobs in government. It is also remarkable to me that a man of your capacity would tolerate the political partisan nonsense and all of the abuse…”

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2 responses to “Video: Lou Dobbs salutes John Bolton

  1. mimi

    love that Lou Dobbs! first time at your site, have you checked out Atlasshrugs she has so much more about John Bolton than HotAir (dont care for site that claims to be conservative yet hates Ann Coulter AND her “rabid supporters”) is there a way for your site to obtain from Atlas instead of HotAir? Ive been looking since August for a good Conservative site-so dont let me down! just your average Annericoultan who likes to read & comment without being asshacked.

  2. I’ll check out Atlas Shrugs. I still like Hot Air. The have great quality videos & I usually agree with their opinions. I haven’t heard anything negative against Ann, but I’ll keep on the look out. Thanks for the heads up & I’ll see what I can do about Atlas. It looks pretty good so far.

    I hope you enjoy my site! Thanks for checking it out!

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