Video: Swearing on the Koran

That’s right! Keith Ellison (new Muslim congressman) wants to swear in on the Koran… The Koran allows Muslims to lie to non-Muslims!! What would his oath be worth? This isn’t talked about much in the video but keep it in mind when you listen to their reasons. Good Debate.

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3 responses to “Video: Swearing on the Koran

  1. CAIR is demanding the removal of Dennis Prager from the Holocaust Council because he criticized Congressman-Elect Ellison’s request to be sworn into office with the Koran rather than the Bible.

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  3. Larry Willard

    No way on earth a Muslim should ever be sworn into office and I do not care what book he swears in under. the Muslim faith has terrorized this country, and waged war against Jews and Christians. They hate us, and as kids are raised to hate us. It is an honor to kill Americans. If and when this hapens, I will end my US citizenship.

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