Democratic Party in secret talks with Hamas!

… Meanwhile, sources close to the Hamas-led government claimed that Hamas representatives recently held talks with officials from the US Democratic Party at a secret location.
This is the party that Jews refuse to leave? Hamas is for the extermination of Israel. More importantly, Hamas is for the destruction of America and the Democrats are getting in bed with them! I’m not at all suprised. Just saddened.

UPDATE: from Dan the Painter
Hamas Shoots Its Mouth Off
>>…a funny thing happened to the story in the intervening hours between The Anchoress’ post and now — the last two paragraphs have disappeared from the story. It no longer discusses any contact Hamas purports to have with any Western officials, either in Europe or the United States. The Jerusalem Post offers no explanation for the redaction, either.
It seemed a strange notion at best. While European government officials probably have some contacts with Hamas, Democratic politicians would have no basis on which to conduct talks with the Palestinian terrorist group. In fact, it might violate the Logan Act and possibly any of several laws forbidding talks with terrorist organizations. It would also be incredibly stupid, politically speaking, for Democrats to expose themselves to charges of appeasing and even enabling terrorism. Only rogue extremists from the party would be foolish enough to even consider it.
My guess at the time was that Hamas was shooting its collective mouth off, trying to pose as the more influential faction while Mahmoud Abbas tried to evict them from the government. I tend to believe that terrorists spend more time lying than breathing, and Hamas maybe more than most. I suspect the Jerusalem Post reconsidered their sourcing on the story and withdrew it without explanation, a poor journalistic choice on their part after a poor journalistic choice for including it in the first place…>>

Very interesting… We will see what happens.

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