SFSU might defund college Republicans for stepping on Hamas, Hezbollah flag

According to SFSU, when you trample on Hamas and Hezbollah, you’re not trampling on a perverted view of Islam, you’re trampling on Islam.
I just want to get this straight: Burning, Destroying, Stepping on, Ripping, or Tearing the American Flag is “Freedom of Speech & Freedom of Expression”. Stepping on the Hezbollah Terrorist Flag is a disgrace to Islam and not allowed. That it? Protect the Terrorist, Destroy US?
In honor of this story, I will be posting a “stepped on” Hezbollah flag on this blog.

Freedom of Expression

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14 responses to “SFSU might defund college Republicans for stepping on Hamas, Hezbollah flag

  1. Shabbir Shah

    hizbullah fuck bloody israilians they also fuck america

  2. beeka

    you stupid human being, look what have you done? It’s the word Allah on which you showed a boot, stepping on it. “Allah=God” i.e. The father of your Jesus Christ, you are such a moron and seems you bring shame to your nation!!

  3. Truth

    Beeka – You are such a bigot, you *assume* it has to be a Christian. Why does it have to be “his Jesus Christ” – He may be an athiest. The point is, you don’t know…

  4. The Real Truth

    All you Israel people need to face the truth that there is no such thing as Israel in the first place the actual land belongs to Palestine which the Israel people have invaded and the israelis they think they own it now but the truth is they don’t.

    • Daniel Timothy Dey

      No, You Islamo-fascists and Arab fanatics need to face the truth that Israel does exist, the Palestinians were named by the ancient Greeks and Romans, and they’d have a decent life if they weren’t all out to kill Jews!

  5. lala

    all of yous friken ISRAELIS and AMERICANS can stick that shoe up ur ass hole cause everyone knows thats where it belongs and dont worry as much as u TRY to fight against hezballah your going to go back where u came from. so stop putting bullshit on the internet if you dont know what it means.

    • hezbollah

      i agree with lala you are going to go back were you came from if you fight against hezbollah and also wat THE REAL TRUTH says its true.ISRAEL does not exist!!!!

    • Daniel Timothy Dey

      Fuck you! I encourage every American, Englishman, Frenchman, and Italian not only to step on Hezbollah flags, but BURN THEM! Ronald Reagan should’ve wasted you terrorist scum back in the 1980’s when we were trying to keep peace in Lebanon, and you were waging holy war for Iran!

    • Daniel Timothy Dey

      Down with “Islam Soldiers…” of ALL kinds. I don’t care if it’s the Hezbollah, Hamas, the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram, the Abu Sayyaf Group, or any of you other backwards shitheads!

  6. Aufrührer des Gottes

    I would stomp on your islamic face with the bottom of my shoe & pour pork blood on your dead bodies…just as I would to your flag!

  7. Castellano

    fuck usa all day, every day.

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