Video: Listen to the Troops take on Iraq

Here are some great responses and takes on the war in Iraq straight from the mouth of the troops! Please watch and listen to what the troops have to say!
Maybe we should take their advice!

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One response to “Video: Listen to the Troops take on Iraq

  1. Hurray! People are finally picking up on this story. As an Army wife being an apologist for the war effort since actually before the war (fall of 2002 I was telling people we needed to go into Iraq when others were saying the President was rushing to judgement), it’s gratifying to see someone actually ask THE TROOPS what they think! They are better communicators than the President himself and coming from the source is very inspiring.

    War analyst/arm chair quarterbacks are really ticking me off, especially the ones in DC and the stupid Iraq Study Group. These people have no qualifications except for their political and elitist positions to say SQUAT about the war. They think “Iraq” as a situation or operation is defined by a slum in southern Baghdad (Sadr City). It isn’t. MAJ GEN Caldwell of the Multi-National Force for OIF (OP Iraqi Freedom) said last week that Iraqi troops have reached the “70 % mark of Iraqi army divisions’ headquarters assuming responsibility for the battlespace.” In other words, 7 of Iraq’s 10 divisions are IN THE LEAD with Coalition forces in a supporting role. After only 3 years that is truly incredible.

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