Tony Snow: ‘We Will Win, We Have to Win’

Snow, asked Monday if Bush still believes the United States is winning, said, “I think at this point it ceases to be fruitful to jump into this.” He said that “we will win and we have to win.”

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One response to “Tony Snow: ‘We Will Win, We Have to Win’

  1. William Lansing

    I agree we have to win but let’s be honest and tell all the news despite what Falafel-boy Bill say’s and Chickenhawk Hannity we all want the USA to win those two individuals are just trying to get ratings by putting the Red Vs Blue just like when the USA was in Bosnia it was Conservatives calling for timelines telling Clinton we should not be nation building even Hannity was calling on to a stragdic end that USA lives should not be wasted unless the USA was directly at stake now it is Bush and the Democrats are saying the same thing .But look at the price tag most important lives ZERO in Bosnia $7Billion world comunity with the USA UN, NATO everybody agreed, Now Bush ran pass the UN we are not any safer (Fort Dix Solved with help of Bestbuy store worker, JFK) the point is terorist are already here we the people of the USA are going to need to protect the USA the government can’t do it alone despite there promises, Bush had evidance Bin Laden wanted to attack inside the USA 8/6/01 pdb report and did nothing this Iraq war over 3500 lives over 25,000 wounded and the monitary cost is about 400Billion dollars that could of gone to help the Katrina vitims. Falafel Bill doesn’t want to cover old news well sorry Billy old news is new news to a family maybe old for those that love carrying Bush’s water up the hill (Limbaugh words after ’06 election). We all want our women and men home safe and in the loving arms of family and friends. Falafel Bill and Chickehawk Hannity Iraq war news is news nobody likes to hear bad news about members from there country we are all saddend but we need to know what is happening so educated desions can be made. In January ’07 Bush said 21,00 troops were being sent over well he knew it was more with extra personal to go those troops so President misspoke I would have like to know the true number of the Bush/Petraeus (Surg plan). Democrats want the real enemy to be taken out the USA’s enemy not Bush’s enemy. Bush said wanted Bin Laden dead or alive on that mountain of buildings that there would hear all of us soon when is that going to happen Mr. President, then he said he doesn’t even think about him almost 3000 innocent American lives died by him (Bin Laden) all this war started by Bin Laden shouldn’t he(Bush) care? President Bush was ask if he has trouble sleeping Bush said NO he and Laura sleep fine 9:30pm. Conservatives may hate President Carter but all reports back then from both sides is that he hardly slept try to get them (Iran Hostages) back. I as a normal citizen of the United States of America the greatest country where a small person can ask a large company to have one of there biggest name stars to apologize so here it goes. I respectfully ask FNC to have Bill O’Reilly apologize for stating CNN, MSNBC only cover Iraq war to embarrasse the President of the United States. I feel that it is that they are informing the people of the USA were there son’s and daughter’s are and how the Bush/Petraeus surg plan is going. The new infomation recieved yesterday on CNN, and MSNBC was that a bombing in a mosqu like the one that Zarquri did to start the civil war I feel this is infomation that all of us should have weather you like FNC or you like other stations we the people of the USA should all get the same infomation maybe this infomation will effect some kids thinking of going to defend the USA either way into the arm service like General Colin Powell or maybe like Mr. Bill O’Reilly and Mr. Richard Cheney to attend school or something else to make a better life. I think you will want all infomation if we are still fighting when your children get old enough and go to defend this land that has given there dad so much you would want to know what is going on? being the tough fighter you where during your youlth, oh yeah you didn’t serve in the arm forces did you Mr. O’Reilly? during that time right born in 1949, so between ’68-74 you were 19-24 school was your choice. so you could later tell us American how we should act like T-Warriors. I like to interview Miss Markis about how perfect you are, and get pointers on being a great T-Warrior like you Sir, you cherry picking little things that happen during the Christmas/Holiday season in the country and blow it up into the way you do so books can be sold, millions can be made Christmas/Holiday presents can be bought. I thank FNC in advance for there support of the infomation the People of the US should about our brave women/men and having Mr. O’Reilly apologize.

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