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  1. My name is John Diamond and I am an Air Force veteran. As a military veteran, I took an oath to: “Support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic… So help me, God.” And as far as I am concerned, that oath did not end with the end of my military service.
    But this begs the question: Who are these enemies of the Constitution?
    I have written the book series The Rise of America to serve as a teaching guide in order to instruct Americans about the type of government that we are guaranteed under the Constitution and how that government has been ripped from the hand of the American people; who is responsible, and what we must do to fix it.
    Coach Dave Daubenmire said “John D. Diamond’s book is outstanding… as good as any historical analysis on the market! … a Must Read!”
    You can also hear my radio interview on the Peter Mac show by clicking on the following link:
    PeterMacShow – John Diamond

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